Tips for sprucing up your home this spring, whether for sale or not

With spring comes the hope of new beginnings. Whether planning on selling your home or just giving it a new look, consider these tips for sprucing up with a tight budget.

1.  Spruce up your entry. Your entryway represents the first impression guests or potential buyers have of your home.  Clean and paint your front door. Consider replacing your door handle to a more sturdy handle and lock set. Place planters on either side of your front door and consider even hanging a decorative wreath.

2. Boring lighting. If you’re bored with your recessed lighting, consider installing a more interesting chandelier in strategic spots such on either side of your living room sofa.

3. What about the floors. If you have carpeting, consider having it professional cleaned. Instead of installing new carpet or flooring, consider using area rugs in strategic places to cover up areas of wear until new flooring is necessary.

4. Paint. A new coat of paint is always a great, inexpensive way to give your home an updated, fresh appearance. Consider painting the trim a contrasting color and don’t forget to paint the ceiling.


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